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Windows phone 8 - Unlimited accounts not working

Windows phone 8 - Unlimited accounts not working

I guess this has been asked already , was just wondering why the unlimited paid account does not work on the windows phone 8 app.


It is after all a paid account with no caching and high quality.


If this is the case why even pay unlimited in the first place , only for desktop access????


I guess one more month to get an answer or quit spotify and look for alternatives.

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There is no unlimited on mobile phones but Free is available on android and iOS. Please add your support to this idea, thanks.

If you want to use Spotify on Windows Phone 8 that is currently a premium feature I'm afraid.

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I don't want free access i want my unlimited account to work with my windows phone , so i can listen to my albums through my wifi connection.


Spotify is making a huge mistake limiting it like that to premium.


After all unlimited is also a paid account , isn't it


Anyway thanks for the fast reply

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