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[iOS] Fix Download Speeds

[iOS] Fix Download Speeds

5G or super high speed Wi-Fi and Spotify STRUGGLES with consistent downloading. Has for years, for everyone. Time to get it sorted please!

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Hey @TRQuixote,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We hope you don't mind us moving your post out of the ideas section to one of our Help boards as it fits better here.


That being said, we're not currently aware of any inconveniences which would affect the download speed of your music or podcast episodes on Spotify, so, if this is happening on any network, it is possible that there's something up with the device on which you're using Spotify.


Can you replicate the described behavior on a different device?  It’d be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your account and check. 


On another note, we'd suggest you reinstall the app on your mobile device to see if you notice any difference. By doing that the app can be up-to-date and you can make sure the cache is not leading to this inconvenience. You can find out the steps to do it here.


Lastly, we'd like you to know we value every piece of feedback you share with us; but our Ideas board is to help us receive new product and feature suggestions that will allow us to improve our app and service for everyone. What you kindly posted there seems more like a specific behavior in your device. If you have suggestions, we encourage you to post them, but make sure to familiarize yourself first with our Idea Exchange Guidelines.


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