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[iOS][Other] 30 minutes ad free music

[iOS][Other] 30 minutes ad free music

a few months ago, Spotify was working fine and i was getting about 20 mins instead of 30 mins of ad free music. this really didn't bother me until i started getting no ad free music after i was told that i would get 30 full minutes of it. i'd get the voice telling me "watch this next advertisement to get 30 minuets of uninterrupted listening" which means no ads. then, i listen to ONE song. and after it is get three 30 second ads. this is a ad overload. it's just too much. on youtube, you get two ads, and you can skip them after 3 seconds right? not on spotify. i have to wait five seconds to skip, and then after i skip the ads to get back to my music, i end up having to skip so many ads? definitely more than the usual three ads that i get after every second song. seriously, i get that you're trying to make money, but i may as well just use youtube music. and not to mention the overload of "Spotify Premium ads" or "Soundtrap". please, reduce the ad use and make a full 30 mins of AD FREE music. please. it can't be that hard of you've done it many times before. 

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