"Marked as Good Idea" -- Status Updates? | Dislike/Thumbs Down Feature

"Marked as Good Idea" -- Status Updates? | Dislike/Thumbs Down Feature







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Firstly, in general, for ideas marked as 'Good Idea(s)' by the Admins or whatever powers-that-be, is there any way to get a status update on how that is progressing to implemenation, if at all? Even just a vague sense of the direction/likelihood if not actual timescales or anything. And the reason I ask, is...

Secondly, the removal of the thumbs down/dislike/don't show again feature, basically the negativisation arm of the recommend algorithim, I know there is already a clamour for its return and I dont want to repeat the request itself, but it was marked as a 'Good Idea' in April 2020. Does that mean they will reverse the decision to remove it? Will it come back in the sam or an altered form? So long as the play history feature is available (that has come and gone over the years, too) then the fact that some people accidentally disappear songs they actually liked, given they can very quickly check their play history, is not sufficient a reason; if people are removing songs without even listening to them, then what have they lost anyway? Plus, its ridiculous to punish the 'power users' because of others irredeemible stupidity. 

Essentially, you have destroyed the algorithm for me and heavy users like me. It was critical to filtering out the undesirables, because there is too much 'positive' data if you have thousands of songs 'liked', so my recommendations have got progressively worse and worse, until the genuine excitement of my midnight Monday refresh of 'Discover Weekly' - it was a true marvel to get 4-5 songs minimum that you love but could never have discovered on your own - has evaporated completely. I don't even bother with recommendations now, and I've realised how tedious and repetitive it has become. I don't want Spotify at all, let alone Premium, if the Discovery and Recomended algorithms are broken. You've ruined what I considered a USP, but I am willing to try ANY other paid for music streaming service as they could not be any worse at it.

So I need to know: wil this feature come back, what are the plans for the next 3-6 months at an absolute maximum, and if no-one can tell me or if there is simply no news to report on the return of this feature, then I will cancel my premium subscription now. I'm thinking of doing it anyway, but I will hold out if there is some hope in the near future of having this key feature back. I know I'm not alone...this was a serious missteep, a real backwards step, and honestly a real shame more than anything. 

Hoping to hear some good news in response...!

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Hey @Epsilon-i, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Can you send me a link of the Idea itself? I would love to take a closer look at this for you.


Also, in this Spotify Answer is some more information on how your Idea reaches Spotify internal teams.


Looking out for your reply!

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Absolutely agree. I used to LOVE the control I had of my playlists with the dislike option. I’m considering switching services over this feature removal. I’ve got the family plan, and we’re all bothered enough to move providers if this feature doesn’t return soon. It’s asinine to think that only positive feedback will create great playlists. It doesn’t. The algorithm can get your station off course easily enough when you’re trying to expand it, and we deserve the ability to fix it without scraping the entire playlist.

Yes! What the heck happened?? Did people not like the ability to control their music recommendation algorithm?? Bring it back!

Hi. I support this question. I didn't make the decision to listen to what I don't like in the playlist of the day. Especially annoying and angry when you hide a number of tracks on your mobile device during a walk and then see them again from your home device. And tomorrow they are back on the list of the day! I heard that instead of disliking the track rewind works for the first 30 seconds, but sometimes you can't tell if you like or don't like the track from the long Intro. I also don't know all the songs from my favorite artists. And that would understand that this he need to hear vocal.

Tried to like the post but seems archived or something? It’s only 2 weeks old a bit strange.

Im another heavy spotify user. I 100% agree that the removal of the dislike song or artist features was a mistake. Making changes based on a small demographic of user error involved incidents is not the way to go. Please please revert this change.

Hi, this is bizarre, but it appears they have - perhaps coincidentally, but maybe not - actually addressed this complaint. I saw for the first time last week the return of the 'dislike' feature (see below)SPOTIFY1.PNGI need to find the original post you asked about, I will try and find it and reply with a link, but weirdly it appears to have been resolved. The system works?! 

I hope you're right. The app just updated on my iPhone and still no dislike option... But maybe they'll roll it back in with the next update. Here's hoping. Seriously irritating that I can't filter OUT the songs that don't fit my playlists. 

Wait, have they removed Do Not Play on purpose? Not because of a bug?


I have it in my app on Win 10, but it is missing in Firefox on my other PC. Given that Discover Weekly is tailored so good to my needs that I have to dislike only 80% of the playlist, this is damn bad news for me.


I am running out of options. I moved to Spotify from D because D is even worse, and P is not available outside of USA.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this.


Currently the dislike function is available for Your Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Release Radar on Mobile, DW and Release Radar on Desktop and it's not available on the Web player.


We understand that the difference in availability with some features between devices might cause some frustration and we assure you that you're feedback has been passed on to the right team.  Our teams are constantly trying to improve the app, which sometimes involves changes to the layout and functionality. 


If you'd like to see a change in the app we recommend that you post an idea about it or check if there's already one that you can add your vote to. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to keep track of what changes our users are interested in and how popular a certain idea is. This page explains how exactly your feedback reaches Spotify. 


Here's more info on how ideas work. 


It's also worth checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented :slightly_smiling_face: 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


Have an awesome day!  

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