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"’s server IP address could not be found"

"’s server IP address could not be found"








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(Windows 10)


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 I try to listen to Spotify in the web player using Google Chrome but I can't. The next sentences are " This site can’t be reached.’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN ".

But in others devices works well. Someone please may help me? (Attachment is in Portuguese because I'm from Brazil, but I guess my explanation works.

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Hey @user-removed! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

Are you still receiving this error?

Let me know how it goes! ^^



Hello Nico, thanks so much for answer me so quickly.

So, yes, I am still having this problem. But actually, now suddenly appears a different message " Can not access this site
The web page at may be temporarily unavailable or may have been moved permanently to a new web address

I had upload a new attachment with this new message (still in Portuguese, of course lol)


Hey @user-removed!


Have you tried to clear your browser cache/cookies to see if that helps?

And have you tried to use a different browser to see if that happens there too?


Thanks! ^^


Hey Nico, thanks again for ur reply.

Yes, I've tried everything you mentioned above. I've tried Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer and again Google Chrome (my main browser). And also, I had clean all caches, cookies etc. for every browser I got.

I just don't understand why this happening because I used to listen Spotify in the web player anytime I wanted to 😞



I'm sorry that this issue still persists for you.


Are you using a VPN or a proxy by any chance?

And try to restart your router, that might help. 


Let me know if that helps, thanks!  ^^


I'm sure I am not using a VPN, and proxy... Well, I don't even know how this thing works or menage it.

When you say "restart my router" you mean just turn it on/off or really restart like change password and etc.?



Yes, just turn it off and then restart it after 30 seconds. 

You don't need to change the password or something.


Let me know if that helps! ^^



I did yesterday and guess what, nothing changed 😞 sad



I've escalated your issue to the support.

I will reply on this thread with help soon. ^^



Thank you so much. I hope u back with good news. Peace ✌



Could you try to update your browser, as many of the browsers recently launched a new update?


Are there any firewalls that could block the website?


And be sure to check the site settings (should be found by clicking the padlock at the top-left) and enable pop-ups, ads, flash etc. Try everything there until it works. 


And could you try to download the app and try if you can log in there?


Let me know how it goes! ^^


Hello Nico, sorry I took so long to be back.

Anyway, update all the browsers... Was already done.

Check the site settings, enable pop-ups etc., I did.

Spotify app I can use with no problem at all, on my cellphone, my laptop...

About firewall, don't know how to handle these kind of things, but I guess it's normal. I saw the firewall page and nothing strange.


Also want to say that I try Spotify web player in another computer, with my account of course, and worked well. So now just to be sure, the problem is in my computer 😞

I also have this problem but with a little twist. I used the desktop app and one day the app acted like i'm offline but i wasn't. Ever since I can't use the app and i have the same error message in the browser like user-removed.

i have the same problem and tried everything already posted and nothing has happened please help 

Open Spotify NONfunziona ----- [non è possibile contattare il server] ...... insomma, spotify sempre peggio.

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