songs greyed out / spotify app search doesn't work on mac / don't have a twitter to ask for help

songs greyed out / spotify app search doesn't work on mac / don't have a twitter to ask for help


It's really interresting that spotify doesn't offer other contact forms than this community cause I have a lot of issues.


First: suddenly, almost all songs on web player (including ALL playlists) are greyed out and I can't select none of them specifically but curiously the play button works to start an album or playlist. But it's annoying not to be able to select the song you want to hear.


Second, the search on spotify app (mac os) NEVER worked and I simply cannot access artist pages, and the only way to listen to music is downloading playlists I've made in other devices. All my workmates are having the same problem.


Third, how can I contact some sort of support because these problems are so irritating and I don't have a Twitter account to send DMs


Spotify Premium

Mac OS / Chrome

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hey @lucasoriel 


for your first problem have you tried signing out of the app, and deleting and reloading the app, and logging back, it might be a problem with spotify not keeping u, i have had this problem before and I did what i suggested and it worked.


For your second problem, you could try again what i suggested put also trying logging on on another device and seeing if theres the same problem


thirdly, u can message people on here as dm, twitter, facebook


I hope this helps u






Hey there @lucasoriel,


Thanks for reaching out! 


Several things you can try in this case: 

  1. A clean reinstall. 
  2.  Restarting the device. 
  3. If this doesn't help, checking on another device like @K-I-M suggested.

If all of these steps don't do the trick, please tell us:

  • the devices it happens on
  • your Spotify version
  • your OS 

Keep us posted!

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