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summer internship

summer internship

I have filled out the 2024 Summer Marketing Internship (in NYC) multiple times already and each time I click submit nothing happens. I have filled out everything I am prompted to fill in for the application--I also included a resume and cover letter (in the text box). I have tried this on two separate MacBook devices (running the latest Mac OS) and each time I go to click submit, my application is not submitted and nothing pops up telling me there is an issue. How can I fix this?? 


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Hey there folks,


Thank you to everyone that has mentioned you'd like to get a confirmation email, regarding the applications. These should now be sent out to everyone who's already applied. 


In case you don't see that you've received anything, we recommend checking your spam/junk folders as well. If there's no email there either, let us know and we'll take a look at what might have gone wrong.


Cheers 🙂

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This happened to be too I’ve applied for the summer 2024 internship but received no confirmation 


I also applied to a 2024 summer internship and received no confirmation email. I've been really stressed that the might not have received my application. If its happened to a few people then maybe they just don't send confirmation emails?


I am attempting to apply for the 2024 Summer Internship
Engineering (Stockholm) position : "".

However, after completing all the necessary information, when I click on "Submit Application," nothing happens. I've tried using multiple browsers and also cleared my cache, but it doesn't seem to work. Even though I filled out all the forms.

The error in the console is: "1619-652b8cb4663e26df.js:9 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: d is not a function". I hope this information helps.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood anything or if you need any additional information.

I'm experiencing the same issue when applying for the User Research summer internship, too. I tried a couple of browsers too and the submit button is doing nothing.


Screenshot of the error in the console


I am also facing the same issue. Let me know if anyone knows if you have additional info or a solution on this.

Hey, could you put a "like" on the subject/topic, so that the administrators can see this problem more quickly 😁.

So the submit button on summer internship doesn't work because of an uncaught promise. This leads me not able to apply. Help would be nice :,)

Same thing is happening to me. i reccommend applying through simplify or rechecking in the next few days

Same with me!

also noticed this and was going crazy trying it on different browsers

Not working for me either... Any fixes? 

Having a similar issue..

Having the same issue :((

Seems that the issue is here: 

let isSchema = e=>e && e.__isYupSchema__;
let Condition = class Condition {
static fromOptions(e, n) {
if (!n.then && !n.otherwise)
throw TypeError("either `then:` or `otherwise:` is required for `when()` conditions");
let {is: s, then: l, otherwise: u} = n
, c = "function" == typeof s ? s : (...e)=>e.every(e=>e === s);
return new Condition(e,(e,n)=>{
var s;
let d = c(...e) ? l : u;
return null != (s = null == d ? void 0 : d(n)) ? s : n // in this line d is not getting recognized as a function? Its giving a type error 
Of course, I don't know much about your code but that's what I found.

I alerted the tech team at Spotify to this issue and was told by one of the agents that they're trying to fix it now


Hey there folks,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Our teams are currently investigating this issue and we'll keep you posted in this thread when we have any news to share.



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It is working now. I was able to submit my application! Thank you! 

Hi folks!

This should now be fixed, so feel free to give the application another shot 🙂

If you're still experiencing issues with this, however, let us know which application trying to submit and we'll check with our team.

Many thanks!

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