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Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?

Hey, Podcast fans! 


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! We're glad you're here 😊 Before we get started, here's what our community is all about:

This is the place to share and discuss the shows and creators that everyone should be paying attention to. Whether you're a listener and a fan, or a podcast creator looking for some inspiration, this is your spot to talk about your favorite shows, podcast habits and culture, and everything in-between. 

While we always appreciate feedback on the Spotify experience, please re-direct any comments and questions about the Spotify experience to either the HELP or the IDEAS sections of the community. 


We expect everyone to follow the Chat Guidelines and the Community Guidelines - make sure to familiarize yourselves with them before posting here.


Finally, if you're not logged in, you cannot comment or interact with posts in the community. Simply head to the top-right of the page and use your Spotify account to login. Set your username and preferences in your settings, and you're good to go. 



Now, let's have some fun! 


As a welcome, let's introduce ourselves with a little game. Here's how to play:


1. What's your name/username?

2. What part of the world are you in?

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode! 


Once you've done that, find someone else in the comments below and leave 1 podcast recommendation (or more!)


📢Tip: To embed a podcast in the comments, simply grab the link by selecting "Share" on Spotify, and post it here. 

Let's do it! We're so excited to meet you all. 

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