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Address verification failed

Address verification failed

My wife missed mail about address verification and now she was removed from my Family Plan. It turns out that we have to wait 1 year!
Is there any chance to restart address validation process?

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Hey @michalmech ,


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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to restart the process for your wife's account. If it was flagged for 12 months, then you won't be able to add her account to the plan until the restriction expires.


Hope this clears things up 🙂

MaximSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I’ve had the same issue just arise with my wife’s and child’s account.  First of all, the email looks like it could be a phishing attempt, so it took a while to verify that it was legitimate.  Secondly, the link expired by the time they got to it.. and now they’re blocked for 12 months!  Are you serious?? What is the purpose of this- seems incomprehensibly punitive, for no good reason.  If someone from Spotify is monitoring this, please respond.  We’re on the verge of cancelling our family plan given how ridiculous this is— terrible user experience.

This is to say the least very unpleasant for a paying customer especially since you do not offer any way for the family admin to resend the mail or to do the reauth within the app. My family member was just excluded from the family for 12 months and she did not receive any information in her mail beforehand - I have checked myself. Is that Spotify's idea of customer centricity?

I have just had the same result.  This seems an absurd way to treat the family members.  My daughter has all her playlists etc. on there, she is devastated.   If the emails go into Spam and don't get spotted what can they do.  Surely when folk are logged into the App it should flag up to them that address verification is required.  Also I agree now that I have found your email about address verification is so amateurish it looks like phishing or spam no wonder it went into Spam.  Are you able to respond pleas @Spotify

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


If a family member has failed to verify their address within the set period or they've mistyped the address, they can reach out to the folks over at Customer Support for further assistance.


We hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

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Erhm, mijn vrouw heeft spotify Family account, waar ik ook jaren bij zat. jullie hebben een mail gestuurd voor adres verificatie dat binnen een week moest gebeuren. Maar die week heb ik mijn mail niet gecheckt, dus geen actie ondernomen en dus ben ik afgesloten van het family account.

Nu kan ik niet komende 12 maanden niet meer bij het Family account worden toegevoegd?! dus moet ik of 12 maanden reclame luisteren of ook een eigen premium account nemen? of een nieuw account maken en al mijn oude data in van mijn huidige account verliezen?  

Klinkt niet fair, is er een oplossing?

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