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Cant join a family plan.....

Cant join a family plan.....

I have been on a family plan at home with my mum but got kick out some how when I have tried to rejoin when she sent me a new link it tells me I can as I have been in to other plans, I'm not aware of the other 2 and dont know how to resolve this??


2 Replies

Hey @jossiericie.


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify community and welcome!


Sounds like this is a job for our Accounts team to help you with. You can contact them by filling out this form:, or via Facebook or Twitter.


Let us know how it goes.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

I have a similar problem, I have sent emails asking for help and got no answer, please I need to speak to a human being that is actually able to help me.

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