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Family Premium Country Settings


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trying to keep this short- have contacted spotify cares a number of times and have effectively got nowhere

in short- ( not easy)

had 3 premium accounts - in 3 family names/ emails (FOC with Vodafone)

Cancelled contract- obv lost FOC Spotify

Setting up family Spotify- Setup an IE(Ireland)( account) - same price in euros as stg- all devices are Uk but we live in Ireland(rep).


Sent requests to 2 other family accounts - said in different country

setup new email accounts ( in Ireland) - snet requests - said they were in a differnet country - when i checked it said ( even though the accounts were essetup in gmail in ireland - once we created a account it then defaulted to GB without the option to change


several exchanges with @spotifycares - ( the response time has been awful) 

and both other accounts still not attached to mine- ive sent IP addresses - my 2 other family members have been in touch too but still no resolution - dont see why i should be paying 14.99 for a service i cant use- any advice as im fed up now with spotiys customer care and seem to be gettign nowhere- 







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Hey @Jetskimason-ie,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting about this.


We can understand your frustration and will help you resolve this so that your family members can join your Premium Family plan and you can enjoy Premium together.


In order for your family members to be added to the plan, you need to make sure that all your Spotify accounts have the same country setting. This can be checked on your account page


If your family members need to change their country settings, they can find the steps to do it in this article on our support website. Please bear in mind that in order to do so, they will actually need to be in the country they want to choose or else it will not appear in the dropdown list.


Hope this info is useful. If you need help with anything else we're always here for you 🙂

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