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divorced family premium

divorced family premium


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Hi, my parents are divorced and live at two different addresses, they also both have equal custody of my sister and I. Which means i’m living at both of their houses. 


I would be the “account manager” so the issue isn’t an address for me, but can i add both of my parents to my plan since i live under the same roof with each of them(even though they don’t live with eachother?


i read that spotify can track our location using google and will cancel the subscription if our location is shown living in different places


thank you!!

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Hi there @lillym,

thanks for posting !


Unfortunately, the Family plan was created for family members living under the same address to enjoy a discounted premium subscription.


While going through the subscription steps you'll be asked to provide an address and so does all the other siblings when they receive their invites.

If the address won't match (you cannot put a false address as it'll get detected by the system) the process will not complete itself and an error message will appear.


For further info on the terms and conditions, ways to install correctly and other FAQ's, please make sure to read about them here.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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