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I am trying to understand why as a subscriber for many years I am not able to use a gift card that was given to me for Christmas.

Reviewing the terms and conditions after unsuccessfully trying to add a gift card, I am surprised to find that gift cards are not acceptable for premium plans other than individuals. Forgive me but from my understanding money is money regardless of form. 

Please enlighten me, when shopping for a present (and know that the intended subscribes to Spotify), how is anyone supposed to know which plan a subscriber has with Spotify?

Are we as consumers suppose to read the terms on the website versus the fine print on the card ( which are different) before purchasing the gift card?

I find that your gift card process is misleading, a blaitant robbery, a cash grab. As a consumer I don't see the difference between using my credit card or a gift card to pay for my monthly subscription as in the end, cash is used for the purchase.

Please explain why a gift card is not acceptable as a form of payment.

Please advise what I am to do with the gift card that seems worthless as cash was used to purchase it (cannot exchange, refund, or get a credit).

After trying to reach someone to speak to about my concern (which I am still unsuccessful) but I came across the same question in your idea bank and your company's response was "Your Idea has been submitted a while ago, and unfortunately hasn't gathered enough votes (180 votes within 6 months) to keep it active in the Exchange" ( that was in 2022). I suppose 180 votes are not sufficient to review to make changes but continuously rob the everyday consumer of their hard-earned money. I suppose responses from multiple social media platforms would warrant enough votes.
As a $23 billion company that built a brand off the backs of subscribers, I feel that this is very poor business practice. 

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