Gifting Two Months to a Friend

Gifting Two Months to a Friend


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Joined a Spotify premium family a couple weeks ago and I got an email today saying: “Good music is made to be shared with friends. So if they've never tried Premium before, give them 2 free months on us.” The email ended in
It seems legit but I just wanted to make sure this isn’t a scam before logging in.

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I recommend checking out this support article for some info about finding out if an email from Spotify is legit. 🙂

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Dude I went crazy trying to find soemone else that saw this I got a full screen pop up on my phone when I accadentaly opened the app  my mom didn't belive me saying  screenshot or it didn't happen 

Also the plan I'm on is duo

I saw the offer too but somehow it's no longer there

Happend to me as well no email sent followed the things u gave but no luck nothing seen in spam. My region is US


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There is indeed a new referral offer active in certain regions. If you're eligible for this offer, you can visit this page after logging in to your account in a web browser:


This is in case you've not reacted to the in-app notification or you can't find an email about the offer in your inbox (Spotify account notification settings apply).


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