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How do I know how long do i have to wait until i can join a Duo link?

How do I know how long do i have to wait until i can join a Duo link?






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A family member recently bought a spotify duo subscription but when I tried to join the like I hot a message that said that I can only join spotify Duo once every 12 months. The last time I joined apotify Duo was about 12 months ago but I am guessing it hasn't been exactly 12 months yet and that's why I can't join. How do I know how much time will I have to wait until I can join? Will my family member get charged even if I am not able to join right now? Will I still be able to join through the link when my 12 months of waiting are over? Please help 


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I have a same problem. After a family plan ended, I tried to start with another member so created a duo plan. The other member said the new invitation didn't work because he was just out of the family plan because you only have one family to join in 12 months. This restriction is weird to me.

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If you're seeing that error message, then the 12 months haven't passed yet, so you'll need to wait a bit more, depending on when you were removed from the plan. 


Here's an example to explain it better:
If leave your current Duo/Family plan on the 6th of June 2021 to join another one on the same day, you'll have to wait until 6th of June 2022 before you can join another Duo/Family plan (or to come back to the original one you first left).


So basically, you can change their Family/Duo plan only once. If you try to change it twice, you'll be locked for 12 months.


When it comes to the plan owner, they'll always be charged on their usual billing date, regardless of whether there are any members in it.


Hope this clears things up 🙂

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