Premium for Family Membership - 'Spotify is playing on another device' message

Premium for Family Membership - 'Spotify is playing on another device' message


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Android phones, Google home mini's, PC

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A common question on these threads. The issue is with Premium for Family: If I am listening to my account on my PC, and if someone else in the family starts playing music on a Google Home/Nest speaker the music cuts off and it tells me that 'Spotify is playing on another device'. Can also happen while driving in my car, if I am out walking and listening on headphones or listening to Spotify on another Google Home mini somewhere in the house.

All family members are logged into their own Spotify accounts on their devices and have their own Google voice match profiles. Keeps happening no matter what I try. Very infuriating. Thinking of switching over to YouTube Music especially after the sizeable Spotify price rise. Does anyone in Spotify have a suggestion that actually works? These threads are full of people having the same problem and the only solution is log out and log back in (doesn't work). Come on Spotify! Solution please.

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Hey @adesignrobot,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


To avoid this happening we'd recommend linking a separate Spotify account to your Google home speakers.


What is most likely happening is that your account is logged on multiple devices which are also used by other family members. This is why playback is interrupted on your personal devices once someone else starts playing music on the home speaker. As one stream of music can run at any time on a single account.


As other posts have suggested, Log out Everywhere and log back in only on your personal devices like your phone, laptop, car etc. Make sure the smart speakers are reset to factory settings and link a separate family account to them.


Hope this info helps. Don't hesitate to get back to us if you have questions.

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