Spotify family when away from home


Spotify family when away from home

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I have just signed up to Spotify premium for family as my wife and kids like to listen  to music at home when I am in work. 

I have just read a few posts regarding GPS tracking. I not only use Spotify at home but I use it in my van, and multiple hotel rooms over the UK whilst I am working. I got the family so I can do this and my family can listen to what they want at home at the same time. Am I now not going to be able to do this... I'd rather know now and cancel and find something else before being billed.


Thanks in advance 


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Find something else. I read their new terms and basically if my son is at college he needs his own account since he doesn't technically reside at his true home. I have to keep the account so switched it to a college plan, and am considering dropping all together once I verify I don't need anything from it. Good luck Spotify in this terrible change.

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Thanks for the reply.

How unfortunate that is... I like Spotify but I am now going to have to leave purely by the fact that I can no longer use it's functions. I cannot see many people signing up to family now as surely most people have at least one member that use it remotely. What a shame.


So I was consifering the family plan as I've got two daughters living at home, one paying the full price and one on the student rate ~ £15 between them.


I thouoght, hey, I can get the family bundle for about the same price and then I can also use Spotify!


Will be pretty useless if the listening experience is limited to using it at home and we can't all listen on the go.

Can anyone confirm the restrictions on listening whilst commutuing and working and generally being away from the home?


From what I understand, you can listen to it while away, as much as you want, but you have to verify the address by geo-location when they ask you to. If you live in the same house with your family, it shouldn't be a big deal. This is a bad plan for military families who legally reside in the same house, but can't always reside physically; or college students with the same issue, but otherwise, Spotify won't stop you from listening when you travel.