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Spotify won´t accept my adress to get into Family Premium

Spotify won´t accept my adress to get into Family Premium


Family Premium




Huawei p20 lite

Operating System



My Question or Issue

My brother and I were in a Premium Duo first, where I was the administrator. Now my dad decided to set up a Family Premium for him and my mom too. No one had any problems with joining in, neither my mom nor my brother, except me. When I want to confirm my adress (which is 100% correct) Spotify finds that adress. But when I hit confirm, a message pops up that a problem has occured and I should try again later. This happens to me on mobile, on laptop, even with incognito mode on. I have found a Post here before with the exact same problem, except the person wanted to sign in to Duo. It is marked as solved, but the "solution" didn´t help at all. I canceled the Duo subscription already, signed in and out. Help! Edit: I am at home, connected with the same network as everyone else is.




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Did you write the same address in as your other family members? Because Spotify requires that all of you have the same address and maybe that's the issue.

of course I did. thats why I wrote that it is 100% right. It worked for my mom with the exact same input. if it would not match the adress that the admin set up it would say that the adresses do not match, not that there was a problem and I should try it again. I also tried different adresses to make sure that i was typing right and it gave back that the adresses do not match.


Can you look on your subscription page if there is standing "Spotify Free"? Because I read that you need to wait till the subscription changes to free and then you can join another plan. Here is the post and maybe it is the solution to your problem.

No, the premium duo still runs for me and my brother. That shold not be a problem, even according to that page you have linked, at least in german language. An my brother had no problems with logging in, not like me.

Ok can you tell me more about the message that comes when you try and confirm your address? ( you can write in German too if it's easier to describe the problem)

I have this same problem lmk what works for you 

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