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how to exclude scaring album covers for kids?

how to exclude scaring album covers for kids?

spotify generates recommendations on the start screen with albums, that have scary covers like "Sehnsucht" from "Rammstein". This is very frightening for my 8 years old sun who now hesitates to open the app again.

I already excluded the artist "Rammstein" for his account but this had no effect. I also disabled the option "allow inappropriate content" from the very beginning, but this has no effect for this specific content either. It's not marked as "explicit".
How can I get rid of those scary recommendations?
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Thanks for reaching out.


We're sorry to hear about what happened. Please note that Spotify offers an experience specifically designed for children called Spotify Kids. If you're using a Premium Family plan, you can set up an account for you kid using the steps described here.


We hope this helps.

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Even in "Spotify Kids" there are some album covers with scary / disturbing art.  This is causing a lot of anxiety for my daughter and it would be great if there was a way to hide albums or manage this in some way.

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