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In May this year i requested to be changed to the student plan, i have been premium for 3 years now. I put in all the documents they asked and got accepted but as i am now looking at my bank account it has not been changed; they are still charging me the premium plan. 

When i tried to request to be verified again it says that my documents have been verified to a different account. 



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Hi Juli. Welcome to Spofity Community. 


I have some tips for you ;


Ekran Resmi 2018-12-13 17.29.31.pngYou may have some issues because of having another account. ( e.g. connected via Facebook. )


and you can always contact to Spotify ;


Ekran Resmi 2018-12-13 17.35.28.png


For other answers ;


I hope these are helpful for you. 


Have a great day.


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