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Extend Discount for Students to Central America

Extend Discount for Students to Central America





Costa Rica



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Hey there community!

I'm a Costa Rican student. I just realized about Discount for Students. I checked the list, but only few countries currently have this benefit. I was wondering why not to include other countries from Central America such as Costa Rica and Panamá. At least in Costa Rica, several friends of mine and me use Spotify while we attend to our academic life.


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Hey @rporozco, welcome to the Spotify Community! 


We’re afraid the student discount isn’t currently available in you country, but hopefully we’ll have it there soon. We'll make sure to pass your comments to the right team. 


We appreciate your feedback in regards to this, please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 🙂


Hi, I am seeing this and now it´s 2023. 
It´s been five years since this petition was made and there hasn´t been any progress, since we are still not included in this premium plan. I hope that things actually do get moving now, as I know that many of us wil be glad to use this plan. 

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