Extend Premium Student After 4 Years

Extend Premium Student After 4 Years



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Please extend Premium Student. I have had Spotify since 2016 and also have been a student since 2015. I am still (unfortunately) still a student in university. I am no longer allowed to have the student pricing since I have had it for 4 years. What is the purpose of this cap on years for students? Some of us don't graduate right on time. As long as I have a valid student email address, I don't see what is the issue. I don't want to have to switch to Apple Music just to get the cheaper price, but I can't afford 10$ a month while in Uni for Spotify, despite loving the service. 

I know I am not the only one who has posted this request, but it always gets turned down when people request for this. It is just senseless to limit people even when they meet the rest of the credentials.

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Hey @Ampz ,


Thanks for reaching out 🙂

The average length of higher education lasts about 4 years in most countries, which is why Premium Student only lasts up to 4 years.
Spotify understands that some students stay longer at a college/university, but unfortunately, no special exceptions can be made in such case.


You can alternatively check out other reduced-price plans like Premium Family or Duo.


Hope this clears things up!

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I'm having the same issue. I'm still doing my Bachelors in uni, and it's a shame that Spotify has this regulation. Let me know how it goes.


It should last for however long the length of your course is. Not every course is 4 years long, mine is 5.5 years, I shouldn't only get student discount for four years because that's the length of most other people's. Ridiculous, looks like I'll be switching to Apple music despite hating it for a more realistic monthly price. 


Just adding another disappointed customer to the list. Once they told me I could not renew my student discount, I cancelled premium immediately. Kind of silly that this is so strict a policy. I'll also be switching to apple music for now, also not particularly loving it, but dealing with it for the more affordable pricing options. 


Very unfair to those of us on longer degrees or even doing master’s or phd’s. Apple Music here we come, for the more reasonable price.


My degree is 6 years and I’ve now got to pay for it for the last two years and beyond. I will probably transfer everything to Apple Music. Spotify are losing/will lose a lot of customers this way. They need to find a more effective method.


I would also like to complain. I can get a student discount literally anywhere else that allows such things. The bundle and price were so good I made sure all student friends knew about it as well. Such a shame to cast out the undergrads like this.

Welcome to the gang lol. I canceled my subscription. I'm using Amazon Music instead. It's 3.99. A great deal.


I urge Spotify to consider extending the student plan duration to be accommodating for students who seek advanced degrees as well. 


Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always strive to improve.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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This in essence alienates a lot of the people studying to become professionals- i.e the doctors, architects, vets, dentists etc. In addition to this the response is lukewarm and cavalier, without any actual suggestions for a concrete solution.

I'm sure that with the current infrastructure of spotify, with it being a multibillion dollar company- it would be possible to put in place verification for students studying such degrees to have the student pricing cover the full length of their degree?


Where do you even get this information about the 4 years? It is simply not true for where I live (Switzerland). A bachelor's degree doesn't count as a full degree, so you have to do a master's degree which leads to at least 5 years of studying. Seems really unfair, since as a Swiss costumer I automatically have to pay more as others (12.95 CHF for regular premium vs. 6.50 CHF for students). Really disappointed!


I agree lol I plan to jump to Apple Music when mine is up. I'm already paying a stupid amount in tuition, them removing the 4-year cap is the least they can do considering they collect a lot of free data off of us anyway. 


I believe it is absurd that it only allows only 4 years.  Not everyone can graduate within the 4 years; life happens in which it could put a hold or other reason may be that it could take longer than 4 years. There are article and studies that mention In order for one to get a PhD or Doctorate it takes on nearly "6 years". This does not apply to everyone  No one ever said college/university has a limit of 4 years. 


The statement of higher education being an average of 4 years is quite misinformed. Higher education is an umbrella term that includes degrees requiring an average of more than 4 years. I'm currently in a Ph.D. program that takes an average of 6 years to complete. I used the Spotify student plan during the 4 years I was getting my bachelor's degree. I'm still a student and still in the more strained financial position that I believe many students are in - which is why the student plan is appealing. It seems unreasonable to prohibit the use of the student plan after 4 years instead of adding something like an additional confirmation step.

I understand Spotify is a business and is, therefore, most interested in making a profit, but the reality is that extending the use of the student pricing feature is far more likely to build brand loyalty and ensure customers stick with your service when they are no longer students, rather than seeking a different platform after you push them out of their accessible price bracket after an arbitrary limit of 4 years. 


it’s a load**bleep**, just make it so you have to verify your student email then everyone can enjoy premium when they’re a student. 


"We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always strive to improve."


This doesn't address the post, and the average education is not 4 years despite what the top post says. Going into my 5th year of higher education the student discount is needed more than ever. 


Imagine restricting the plan to 4 years, even though so many degrees are 5-7. Big L Spotify.


Hello, I created a new membership and wanted to get a student plan..However whenever I press the "get started" button it just says that I'm verified and gives me the date and then there's no way to advance past this. The only way to get out of the page is to go back or press the x and this just leads me back to the "get started" page. I waited about a week and then tried it again, but no change.

I've tried it on both safari and chrome, there's no difference.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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