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Problem with student discount

Problem with student discount



I've had a student discount for several years now and everything worked fine. A few days ago, I received an email that I should update my status if I'm still a student. Yes I am and I verified that I still want the discount.


Now I see that Spotify charged the regular premium price on my Paypal. I looked it up in my account and it was very confusing. It said that I had a regular premium account although I DID NOT order THAT. And what's even stranger, on another page in my account it said I HAD the student discount. I "fixed" it by ordering the student premium discount again and it seemed to work. It says that next month they will charge the student premium price.


But what do I do now? I don't want to pay the regular premium price for this month because it was not my own mistake. I did not change anything in my account. Is there a way I can get a refund (9,99€ regular price, 4,99€ student price)? Oh, also, my Paypal lists another payment for 0,01€ for Spotify. What's that all about?



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I got a similar problem with the student discount. Had an student account and my account switchted to a family account. 


I checked my Spotify Account and I saw that some people did used my account to invite friends and to change my playlists. 

I used the same password on spotify and on unidays and it seems that this was a week point.


BUT ... I wrote the support that my account changed and I dont know why and they responded with a standard "Thank you for your interest in an student discount...."  

I will now write an mail with the mail adresses linked in "my" family account and want an explenation why they didn't read my email or did some investigations.



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