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SheerID returns 'no valid or current date supplied' for student premium verification

SheerID returns 'no valid or current date supplied' for student premium verification

When getting my student status verified by SheerID, I was sent an email saying 'Document does not display current or valid date'. In the two documents I supplied, one had al the details such as the university, the date of study, my personal information etc - and the other had proof I had accepted the application and was enrolled. But after submitting all that I now get that 'no current or valid date'  message. I was wondering mainly if the fact that my official study term doesn't start for another 11 days, or secondarily if its something that somebody has come accross before which has a different solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Awesomelotad123,


That's weird, it could possibly be because your study doesn't start yet, try to apply again when it starts and let me know how it goes, if it doesn't work I will make sure this gets fixed ASAP for you!




Thanks @ChemcalRageYT!

If I wanted to contact you with a status update on the 26th, would I do it on this thread or through a personal message?

Either works for me, just go for what is easier, this thread would be preferable though!



I would also send an email to the customer service team to get more insight into what they're looking for and/or not seeing on the document. You can contact them at or through the form on the website here:

Excellent advice @c_parmele! Hopefully this will help get the issue sorted even quicker!

It wroked! Just needed to wait until my official study date for SheerID to recognise it 🙂

Awesome! I'm glad to hear it's working! Enjoy your streaming!

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