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Spotify Connect - suddenly stops playing


Spotify Connect - suddenly stops playing



I got my iPhone, iPad etc connected to a Radio Menuett reciever, and playing songs throug Spotify Connect. It’s been working very well for a few months until yesterday when it suddenly stopped playing. Mostly after a song is finished, but also in the middle of the song. I have restarted all the devices (iPhone, iPad, radio), checked for new updates and reconnected to the wifi. When I press play, Spotify jumps to the next song.


Could this be a problem with Spotify Connect?

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Samsung problem on my Samsung Soundbar (HW-K650)
No problems yet on my phone or laptop

It stops constantly with my i phone and will only play for 2 seconds at a time. wth

Same here on a Harman Kardon Invoke, since a few weeks ago it just stops playing after one song or in the middle of it.

Experienced same music problems since early last month. I'm using Huawei P10 Plus and connecting to an Acer tablet. Worked perfectly well over the past year. Now it stops after 1 or 2 songs. Very frustrating. Kills vibes.

The problem is still present. The exact same experience with my new Naim Mu-so.

I'm experiencing the same issue with my Harman Kardon avr161s receiver.
I'm playing from my W10 pc using the App it pauses the music. 

Some times I can listen to 4 songs other time half a song.

I allready checked my reciever and pc for updates .



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Dear all, I had the same problems and I think I found a solution (at least on my device). I have a custom ROM Oreo (8.1) running on my Sony Z3c. Since the problems only occured after the upgrade to Oreo and the whole thing smelled like "battery saving" I went into the App Manager. Here I dived into the settings of Spotify and deactivated the "Android Battery Optimization". Ever since (well, about two weeks) my Spotify continues running.

Maybe you have similar Battery savers active without knowing. Hope, this helps.


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