Spotify on Apple Watch Needed ASAP - Need 100+ Votes

Spotify on Apple Watch Needed ASAP - Need 100+ Votes

Spotify tells me they won't develop anything unless we get at least 100 votes here.

Please vote here so we can get them to develop and implement a much needed app for the Apple Watch.  Especially with new models coming out and having cellular connections, this would take fitness to an all new high.


Please vote here to get to at least 100 votes so they work on this for real!

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Proof!? How you know?!

It’s clear what’s happened here. 

Apple want to take Spotify’s lunch or at least make the same profit from Apple users using Spotify as they would from running it themselves. 

So they demand loads of money to enable this. Spotify think “we can beat Apple!” And refuse. 


Its just not not worth it for Spotify. But if you bet against Apple ...

I dont rly care anymore, i have switched to apple music, it’s good, spotify

YO... Check it before it's removed by Apple...


"Apollo" is on the app store.


One guy made it himself. I have it working perfectly on my Apple watch Series 4 right now. Even though spotify released their own app recently, it's just a remote. Apollo is exactly what we all want. GET IT BEFORE IT'S GONE!


Cheers to those who find it!

UPDATE 11/18/18.  Unfortunately I am having to give up on this App. It only plays at most 4 songs from a playlist and then stops. I have to restart the app and choose a different playlist and go through the same thing again. Too annoying. I think I will just copy more of the music I already own to the watch so I don't have to carry my phone when outdoors. BTW I just looked in the watch App store and no longer see Apollo there. Is it already gone?


11/13/18 Wow! Fantastic! I downloaded from the App store as soon as I read this message. It installed fine on my Apple Watch Series 4 and I tried it out while on a 2 mile walk with my dog and without my phone! It worked. There are some bugs that need to be worked out. I found that only 6 or so songs would play from each playlist and then it froze up. I had to go back to the home screen and restart and then pick a different playlist. This happened many times. I also noticed that I could not adjust the volume when the speaker symbol had a green circle around it. When it had the normal red circle it did work. When it didn't work I just asked Siri to turn the volume up or down. My watch battery was pretty much depleted by the time I got home but I had already used it for exercise tracking for 2 1/2 hrs. Even with the bugs I am thrilled to finally have this App!

 I absolutely agree. I am a Spotify premium member and have been for a few months now. I listen to spotify heavily on the daily. I am really trying to understand why Spotify isn't being made avilable for the Apple Watch. Why would it not be? I will seriously consider cancelling my plan with Spotify and move over to Apple Music so that I'll be able to listen to my music on the go. You have the official app that supports the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear S3, so why not do the same for the Apple Watch? You should really consider this, as I feel you will lose some of your listeners.

The app for the apple watch is now available! I have tried it a bit. Might fully get on using the app, once my apple music monthly subs ends

You can’t stream with it. You have to carry your phone

Just cancelled my family subscription due to this.

With a Pandora subscription, you can upload up to 3 stations on your Apple Watch to listen to music without the need of the phone.  Not sure why Spotify does not implement this feature.  It seems there is enough votes through the various threads posted in this Community Forum to add this feature.

Hey @Spotify, you should be quick with that saving music playlists for offline listening feature on the apple watch app or I am definitely moving to apple one... @SpotifyCares

Good news!


Spotify now supports downloads on Apple Watch. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.


Check out this Spotify news article for more info:

Enjoy More Ways Than Ever to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch—Now With Downloads 

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I use MusConv as well. It's a great tool so you can try it!

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