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how do you grow your spotify playlist followers?


how do you grow your spotify playlist followers?

hey all, i need help growing my playlist followers and i am unsure how to do so.. tips and tricks would be appreciated! 

here's my account, check it out: 

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Hi @stas_t,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


I recommend checking out this thread, which includes tips about promoting your playlists and how to get playlist followers.


On the Spotify Community, the Chat board is the best place to promote your playlists (the thread that I linked mentions the Playlist Exchange; however, this board has since been migrated to Chat).


Make sure to read the Chat Guidelines before posting, and select an appropriate label (such as “Music Exchange”) when you create new topics to share your playlists.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

AdamDamSpotify Star
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You can create a profile on and add your playlist there. It will be displayed to users who search for any tracks/artists/genres that are in your playlist.

thank you! do i have to make it a "pro" account?

With a Pro account, you can promote your playlists by having them displayed before other playlists.

Never heard of! Thanks for sharing the tip @soheilpro

Here is my tip, i usually just post my playlist to threads that have something to do with a genre. For example, if there is a classic rock playlist thread asking about what are they listening too or post your classic rock/rock playlist here  is a great way to share your playlist and get some followers. 

I think thematic playlists are great too, preferably something a bit less common, and with a selection of songs not ranging in the mainstream only.


My playlists with the most followers have a very specific target tho. They serve the interests of Amon Tobin fans - one consists of songs played by Amon in his sets, and the other brings together all the little one-offs, remixes and outtakes that may be left unheard by just listening through his spotify page or his This Is... playlist.


You'll have to think about what purpose you want to serve. There are more playlists than songs on Spotify, so there's a lot of competition out there. : )

I literally doubled my number of followers by adding my playlist to

I had to pay about 15 € to get it there, though. Also I'm not entirely sure how active or "loyal" followers they are because I have a doubt that many of them are artists who are hoping to get their song to my playlist so they have started to follow my playlist at the same time when they have send me a submission. Soundplate is a page where artists can suggest their songs for playlists. 


I have also posted my playlist to many forums and I have also sent emails to artists which I have added to my playlist. Many of them have liked that and have started to follow my playlist. Some of them have even shared my playlist to their social media channels.

You can do top notch list and it will be featured on artists pages based on the artists in playlist.

One of the platforms that brings the most followers to my playlists is Pinterest, in the last 90 days it brought me more than 4k followers, today this playlist here has more than 7k 100% real followers. Here you can see the performance of the playlist promotion teaser to give you an idea of ​​what you need to do.

Link do Pin:


number of views in the last 30 days


Screenshot_20220428-120457_Pinterest.jpgnumber of views in the last 90 days


interesting.. i think gonna try Volt fm. but, failing to understand how does the promote playlist work...


You can promote your playlists in several ways, one of them is to make paid media for those who already follow you on social media and as I said; on Pinterest. ads today on Pinterest are very cheap. Also seek partnership with other playlisters, it is also a way to grow your playlists.

How or where do you find artists with a smaller following that match your genre? I find that trying to look artists up by genre on Spotify or Soundcloud can be tricky. If I go by playlist on Spotify...those people are already on a list and have more than 50k followers so it defeats the point. 

Hey good afternoon! This is a system in partnership with Spotify, in it you can find artists related to what you work on, in a simple, direct and very interesting way.

Off first glance this is amazing, thank you! Just hope it will also help me to find more underground artists as well. 

Thank you!

This tool is based on related artists, regardless of music style or genre.

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