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403 forbidden error on Spotify API

403 forbidden error on Spotify API



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Hi team,

I'm experiencing some 403 responses trying to connect to Spotify API, I've been checked my App Profile on Spotify App Dashboard and I've not seen any error, even I've rotated/updated my secret code en try to get a new token without any result, example:


<h2>Your client does not have permission to get URL <code>/api/token</code> from this server.</h2>


Is there anything that I can do to re enable my app flush? Did Spotify change their API at any point? I've been using Spotify's oAuth2 for logging into my webapp because I help people to build playlists on his Spotify accounts based on their favorite concerts or creating playlist about their probable setlists for upcoming concerts. But currently, I can't create a playlist or log in to my platform.


Thanks in advance!


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Have you added the redirect URI to the Dashboard of your app?

Dashboard → App → Edit Settings → Redirect URI → Add → Save

Hi @Ximzend, yes, it was working at least for the past year, I'm checking logs and on the pasts two weeks I've receiving those errors once in a while, and finally this week I can't login anymore.



Because you don't have access to the account anymore, I recommend you to get in touch with Spotify Support.

You can use that page without logging in.

(I first mistook the error for "INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI".)


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