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Fans buying streaming or publishing rights

Fans buying streaming or publishing rights

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Sorry this wasn’t meant for public viewing but I thought I was being smart by sending it as a complaint clearly all the major tech companies make it deliberately difficult to do this by email and instead make the process as complex as possible so I’m posting on community sites now.


Business idea


Hi, firstly relax for a minute as this isn’t a complaint but I’d appreciate some feedback on my idea and it won’t take long as I have neither the energy or capacity to complete a business plan, as you can tell by the lack of punctuation etc.These are basically things that I’d like to do with my disposable income that aren’t available yet. 



I’ve been trying to come up with an ethical business idea and think I have one you may be interested in. It was inspired by the success of the neil diamond classic Sweet Caroline and watching the amount of time my friends and family spend checking their coin investments on their phones.


That song has always been a personal favourite but when the England international football manager played it for his team I realised that a whole new generation were going to hear a lot of that song. I anticipated that it was going to be a massive hit again and would have loved to invest in the streaming or publishing rights. Through the last couple of years this song has become an anthem at sports events in Europe. This missed opportunity got me thinking that this opportunity should be available to music fans. 


Everyone loves music and most people think they have great taste in music too so that’s a large group of customers right there. From that large group I anticipate that many people would love the opportunity to own a little bit of something they love. The people that think they have great taste in music are likely to invest in up and coming artists, hoping to make a profit as they share this new music with their friends while knowing they are supporting the artists they like in any case. Most new bands struggle financially initially and I’m sure they would sell their streaming or publishing rights happily at a level they can set themselves. At the very least family and friends of the  new artists would buy rights just to help them out and again encourage others to have a listen.


Established artists can also benefit from this by allowing their fans to buy into the songs they love. My one would be morning afterglow by electrasy. I know this will never make money as it was never a hit at the time and is now about 25 years old, but I’d love to give my wife a gift of that certificate of ownership of that particular song no matter how tiny the percentage. I’m sure that loads of couples would feel the same way about their song. I’d also like to do the same for my youngest daughter,Grace who was named after our favourite album by the sadly missed Jeff Buckley. If you haven’t heard this give it a listen I promise you won’t regret it. Obviously there are multiple ways to merchandise the gift side as well certificates, but I’m sure you have people way smarter than me to maximise that market. 


This is also going to increase airplay for the music that they buy as they tell friends and family their story, while bringing more traffic to your website as people check on their investments. 


The same system can be used for artists in many fields such as television and film production. My eldest son is a fantastic cinematographer and has made a few films locally on tiny budgets. They have had some success raising small amounts of money through crowdfunding, but what if their friends and family could easily invest in their movies using an app. I would and I believe most parents, relatives and friends would do the same at a level they can afford, with no real expectations of making a profit.


I’m a big American sports fan and know a little about the difficulties of the transition of college athletes to professional teams and being unable to make money using their image rights etc. Can they get around this problem by releasing music? I’ve seen the fanatical support for the big universities and I’m sure those fans would buy their music, no matter how terrible, just to help them out or perhaps stay for another year before turning pro. 


I’m not a greedy person so won’t be hard to deal with. I’ve only really had two main ambitions. The first one is to regenerate my home town of Kirkcaldy in Scotland which has been ruined through small scale corruption and large scale mismanagement by Fife Council for decades. I believe that many people feel the same about their home town but don’t know how to do this easily. Can we develop an app where people can invest easily in something in their local area like a skate park for kids or improved care for  the elderly and disabled ( sorry I know that’s no longer the right word and that’s really embarrassing as I’m a qualified social worker). I believe in the love and kindness in people having worked with so many great carers and professionals and I think these people would love the chance to see conditions improve in their own community if they had the chance to choose what they put their money towards and see it come to life rather than wait on the local council possibly getting round to it one day.


This brings me on to my second and more important long term ambition. To improve the care of residential and foster kids in Fife. I worked for the council for over ten years and although there was no corruption there was plenty of mismanagement. I’m particularly interested in supporting kids who have left care. The outcomes for these kids are horrific with prison, homelessness and drug abuse their futures in many of their lives. Sorry getting a bit heavy now but barely any of these kids end up in care through any fault of their own. It’s almost always the dysfunctional family they come from who are often unlikely to give the support these kids need when they leave the care system. There are loads of kind and loving people out there who adopt unwanted cats and dogs. I realise that kids with complex needs are more of a challenge but developing an app where these people can be connected safely so that they can offer a couple of hours of support such as taking their adopted pet for a walk and having a chat with the careleavers could make such a difference for them. There’s no monetary value in this but worth doing.


This is a large scale idea with only several company’s in the world with the resources and contacts to make this work so I’ve sent this email to a few random people in these companies in the hope that I’ll at least get some feedback on my idea. No hurry as I think it’s too late to get things in place for Xmas but then again the world moves so quickly nowadays that this maybe possible with your smart tech guys. The good thing is it seems like everybody wins with this idea. The customers get what they want, the artists get support in the early stages of their careers and established artists can sell more of their classic tunes. I think the biggest winner will be the tech company that takes this on as it’s likely to increase income and traffic to their site while improving the image of their brand.


So if you think any of my ideas have merit then please send this on to someone in the company who can help please do. If you have any ideas or advice to add I’d be delighted to hear it. If the ideas aren’t any good at all then please send it to someone who may offer some support for my objectives in a charitable manner I’d also appreciate that. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully reply. Have a great Xmas. - Stuart


P.s if this idea does have merit and reaches executive level can they arrange for me to have an appointment as soon as possible with fascia/muscle expert as I’m sure the pain my neck and head is causing my brain fog. Although I’ve not been able to work for the last few years I’m very fortunate to be able to afford travel and treatment costs. Just want to find out why my poor wee brain isn’t working properly even if it can’t be fixed. I’ve had multiple mri and ct scans with consultants in Britain and Europe but you clearly have the best treatments in America and I’d greatly appreciate the chance to speak to a top specialist about this very strange injury. It’s made my wife and family’s once wonderful life really difficult and although I am slowly getting better I’d love to be present enough to enjoy our Xmas this year. 






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