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Issues with the /me/following/ Web API endpoint

Issues with the /me/following/ Web API endpoint



Since last Friday (3rd March) I've been experiencing the following issues with the endpoint to get a user's followed artists:


1. The next and after paging cursor fields return null even though there are further artists to navigate. It appears to hit a certain artist as the final item in the artist array on one of the pages which then breaks the paging cursor - in one test I did, the artist with id 

7zwVV1dEwZ9D8tyyBQpZHc which was returned on the 2nd paged request (see attached file).

Strangely this only seems to happen on some user accounts when the limit parameter is set to 50. By setting to 49 for example the cursors are fine and I can navigate through all of their artists without issues, though of course in the test mentioned above 49 avoids this artist as the final item and that artist is infact not present at all in the results.


2. On some user accounts the total followed artists also doesn't seem to match the number of artist items returned. Sometimes the total's just one more than the items returned, sometimes it's far lower than the number of items returned.


Presumably these issues are related. If someone could look into it for me please that would be much appreciated.



Screenshot 2023-03-10 141001.png
2 Replies

They must be making changes to the follower endpoints right now, I reported a related bug around that same time that they haven't gotten around to fixing yet.

I see, thanks for the follow up. Hopefully they can resolve soon.

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