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12month premium special offer


12month premium special offer






im on a prepaid individual plan right now (monthly @ 129rs/month). the 12 months prepaid individual plan's price is 299rs with a special offer tag, theres also another like "299rs/month after the offer period". what exactly is this? will the plan price go up after an year from 129 to 299 if i choose the special offer? 



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Hey there folks,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community 


@NUMBERS0689 You can get the current offer for 299 per year but after the year has passed if you don't cancel/change plan - you will be charged 299 per month.


@5wb88nk1gg08b93hxu7r To check if you'll need to request a refund from Spotify for the charges, you'll first need to take a look at your Receipts page. If you don't see extra payments there, it's possible that they show on your bank statement as pending/processing. If a payment is pending it means that you should receive them back automatically in a few days. 


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you. 

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I paid for a Premium account and it's working well for a few days but now my account changed back to being Free. I tried logging out and in but it doesn't help, also tried re-installing the app but nothing happened. When I logged in to your website and check my account, it says Premium Subscription, but on the app on my phone and laptop it says Free. I'm pretty sure I paid for a Premium account. Any help? Hassle for someone who really likes listening to music. 

same here

Tried everything too. Still waiting on Spotify to reply to me

Me too... pleasae i nedd help to resolve it!! I changed my phone.. when y login... my supscrition is free... but y payd every month!



Same here. I was charged $10.68 but when I go on the website it informs me I do not have a subscription. Can you refund my money and keep free subscription? Thank you.

I've also been having the same issue! I contacted Spotify earlier this week and they said they have their developers working on the problem and they would email us when the problem is fixed but it's been days and I still haven't heard anything...

I am in the same boat. It's so frustrating. One of the accounts linked to my premium account works fine but mine is the main one. I've tried everything. Online it says premium but in the ap it's free and it won't change.

Same boat, it was working fine, then all of a sudden all my accounts were logged out and when i signed back in it was free. The website says Premium for sure. I signed out and reinstalled the apps and did all that stuff. Haven't heard from anyone yet either. Spotify staff, help us pleaseeee!


I upgraded to Premium using my desktop. On my phone and ipad, my account is not updated and still is FREE. I tried logging out and in on my phone but problem not resolved. How do we get in touch with the company?

Go to the bottom of the home page you should see a contact link.

I'm having the same issues was working logged out and no longer worked and set to free upon logging back in

Hey everyone I just got an email from a Spotify rep with a solution that worked for me.
This is what the rep instructed:

"...please update your payment details. To do so, please follow these steps:
Log in to your account page.
Select Subscription in the menu on the left.
Under Payment details, click UPDATE.

Choose your payment method at the top and fill in the details.

Basically the system didn't update my card properly or something. So you gotta make sure that it's updated. Fixed the issue almost instantaneously for me.

Good luck everyone.

Probably a dumb question but did it charge you again after you updated the details?

This worked for me too! Thank you so much for your help!

No, because I think the problem was that I got the deal on the website and since it wasn't a new account (and because I didn't get the subscription while logged in) it just didn't pick it up. It sounds like its redundant and it should have but whatever, I'm just glad it works. If for some reason I do get charged, I will let you know but so far no extra charges.

It's the same with me, yesterday I paid premium and now it says it's in free suscription when it is supposed to be premium, very bad service, we don´t have even a number where to communicate this with spotify...


try logging out and logging in with your username and password. if that doesn't work then contact Spotify. 

Me pasa lo mismo aun no les dan solución a alguien?

How long did they take to answer?

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