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I'm paying for premium but I had recently switched to a different iPhone as my phone is broke so why isn't all my songs on the new phone I have ? I don't want to be paying for songs that I don't have ?
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Hey @Ash123455,


When you say all your songs are gone, what do you mean by this? Do you see your playlists?

There's a playlist on my Spotify but none of the songs I had before , do you know how I could get them back ?

I am a little confused here.


So, you can see your playlists however, no songs are displaying in the playlist?

It comes up with a play list but not mine ,none of the songs that I want . I'm just seeing if I can get my play list back because I'm still paying premium

Right, okay.


You say they are not your songs, did you create this playlist? Or was it created by someone else?

I'm not sure , i signed in and it was just on there . Not my original playlist



If the playlist was created by you and is now gone, you can recover it from here:


If it was not created by you, you must of unfollowed it, you would just have to search for the playlist again.


Hope this helps.

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