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I'm trying to purchase the $9.99/3 months deal through PayPal. However, it's giving me a message under the address box saying, "Make sure you enter your billing address as it’s on your card statement." I'm not sure why it's telling me this because it matches my statements.

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Hi there @Psyducke,

thanks for reaching out !


Just making sure here that you're using a card that was issued in your country and that matches the correct and specific address you currently live at ?


In case all of the above is correct, please try using incognito/different web page for the process to see if it helps.


Let me know how it went 🙂

Thanks for the response! Yes, I'm sure that the address I input is of my current residence. I've tried incognito mode (Chrome) as well as Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. I have waited a few hours and just tried again, too. 

Nevermind - for some reason I had to remove the dash from the numbers in my address... Odd, but it worked.

Hi @Psyducke,


Glad to hear it all works now.


Enjoy Spotify 🙂

I was struggling with this as well. I live at a 1/2 address and removing the "/" worked for me. Hopefully my bill is correct

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