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Can't login to Hulu

Can't login to Hulu



Premium + Hulu

Country USA



Roku and android phone


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I activated Hulu a while back and now I can't log in. I need to figure out which email is associated with the account. It's not the same as my Facebook account which I use to log into Spotify. I may not have a hulu account anymore. 

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Hey there @Smithity,

thanks for posting !


The Premium + Hulu offer is no longer available.

Make sure you haven't had any changes made to your account as the offer would not be reedemable again.


Hope this helps 🙂

I have run into the same issue. Nothing changed on my account prior. Is there any way to get this reinstatated at this point? Will this be offered again at a later date if not?

I found the answer to the question:


"If Spotify ceases to make available this Premium with Hulu Offer, you will lose access to the Hulu Plan at the end of the then-current billing month, however you will remain a paying Spotify Premium user, and will be charged (through the same payment method as you chose for this Premium with Hulu Offer) the then-current monthly price of Spotify Premium until and unless you cancel"


Booooo. They could have charged us a $1 instead of cutting us off.

I read this article prior to signing up and enabling Hulu in April of this year.


It indicated: "...Spotify says the pricing is permanent, so long as you sign up before the offer expires in June."


Which it sounds like you and I had done. So I am still not sure this service cancelled and was aware it was to limited Spotify users, in the US.

Good question. You're right that we should still have access. Spotify/Hulu
needed to notify us if they canceled the plan. My account still shows I'm
under the hulu plan.

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