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Can't redeem gift card

Can't redeem gift card






(iPhone 7 Plus, HP Pavilion 23)

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(iOS 12.3.1, Windows 10)


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Yesterday (August 18, 2019) I purchased a gift card for $300.00 Mexican pesos in a Oxxo store and when I tried to redeem it I couldn't, it showed a message that said try later or check the support article. I already checked it and still can't redeem the card. It does show a code in the receipt from the store but it's too long and won't fit in the box. Also I'm trying to redeem the card in the same city I bought it. 

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Hey @ToyotaLasagna ,


Welcome to the Community!


Did you follow all of the steps in this article? Could you share a screenshot of the error you're seeing while trying to redeem it? (Please, make sure to hide the code).


Thanks 🙂

Hi, Brunelicia, thank you for your answer. Yes, I've read the article several times, and also tried to redeem the card from different browsers both from the normal and private mode. 

I'm sharing an screenshot from the redeem page. It's in Spanish and it reads: #There has been an error. Try again or visit the support site." 

I don't know what to do anymore 😞 


Since you followed the steps in the article and still had no success, I recommend you to get in touch directly with the Support, you can do it here. 🙂

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