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Cancelled subscription and lost premium

Cancelled subscription and lost premium

I was setting up spotify for my Dad less than a month ago and I bought 3 months spotify for him at the end if that deal where it cost €0.99. We were using someone elses card at the time so I cancelled the subscription to prevent further charging but it seems that his premium has been removed early of the date paid for?

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How many time did they took from you?

I can tell you from my experience that if you cancel they can even cancel your premium like 5 days before it's supposed ending date. It has happened to me twice and it is too annoying 

I believe that that offer we purchased was for 3 months (I have researched this and it seems to be true). However, when I looked at his account today (28.11.17), he only had a free subscription even though it had only been a month since we had bought his subscription. I'm unsure of when his premium was removed as it was the first time I had looked at his account since the purchase which I believe was on the 28.12.17. But I also am to believe his subscription ended on 04.01.18 or around that date. This is because after initially purchasing premium I was told that his subscription would end on that date. I assumed at the time that this must have been an American date as that would roughly make sense. That must not have been the case.

I haven't been provided with a solution for this and would not like to make multiple posts for this problem and am also unsure if there is a way to make this thread move to more recents, hence this comment.

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