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Cannot join Duo plan -- address error

Cannot join Duo plan -- address error






(RedMi 8Pro/ iPhone 6

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo)


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I signed up for a premium Duo account for my 15 y/o daughter and me.  We're in the same house.  She's adding the correct address, but when attempting to complete the registration, system tells her that she's not in the same location, and thus is not allowed to join.


I cannot seem to find a proper solution to this in the forum, and tech support is not available.  


I did find the quote, "We do not track your location" somewhere in the support forum, but that doesn't seem true.


Her app store (Apple) is set to Spain.  Is that what could be causing the problem?  She doesn't want to change that since there are Spanish apps that she installed from there that she wants to continue using.


Please help!  I'm a new premium user and would like to have a positive experience!

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Hello! Is it possible that the address on the main (yourself) account is different than the one your daughter is using?  I had this happen to someone before when they had a different address for billing purposes.  Hope this helps!

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