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Changing Premium from Family to Student

Changing Premium from Family to Student


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 I am trying to switch my account from Family to Student. I have been verified for a Student account, however everytime I go to sign up for it, it will take me to the page that says "You're Verified" and then it will not let me continue onto any page to change my account. Do I need to downgrade to a regular Premium and then change my account?

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Hey @kbolton10, help's here.


It's not possible to combine the Student Discount with a Premium for Family plan. If you want the discounted price, you'll have to downgrade to standard Premium on your subscription page. This means all members will revert to the free, ad-supported service except for you. If you've successfully applied for the Student Discount, you will be charged the discounted Premium rate at your next billing date.


Hope that helps!


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