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Paid for premium account that didn't have email id saved and now can't access that account

Paid for premium account that didn't have email id saved and now can't access that account


Free/Premium [family plan on the main account, which I can't access anymore]





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 I did have a spotify account. However, I logged in using FB login today to upgrade to premium and then family plan. I did that. However, when I went to account info, there was no email id in my account. Now I read that I can merge two spotify accounts so I created another spotify account using my email ID and it was created without any email conflicts. After that, I linked this account to FB. Now I can't log in to my earlier account at all anyway. That was my old account, I believe it should have my email ID saved. I don't know why that was not the case. And now I have paid for the family plan as well. I want to recover my account. I have no intention to continue this new account I created. But most importantly, I want that subscription canceled on my earlier account so I won't be charged every month.

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Hey @user-removed, help's here.


You mentioned that you previously could log in with Facebook, and that you connected the new account to Facebook. 


One Facebook profile can only be registered on one account. Do you have two different Facebook accounts?


If so, try logging in with Facebook by entering the other Facebook profile's credentials and see if you end up on your old account. 


Also, make sure to check out this help article for further steps on how to access your old account.


Once you've managed to access both your accounts, feel free to cancel the subscription, and check here for steps on how to transfer playlists.


Hope that helps!

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