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Charged for first month of spotify premium

Charged for first month of spotify premium

Plan: When joined was regular premium but have since been approved for student


I joined Spotify Premium a few days ago expecting to be able to go the first month without being charged as I have never had Spotify premium before and thought that I would receive the free trial. After signing up with me card details, the payment went to "pending". I was worried I was being charged, and then I checked on the help page on the website and was told that it wouldn't go through until the end of the month if I didn't cancel. However, the payment has already gone through, and it has only been two days. How do I get this sorted?

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Hey there @Coraesa!

Have you had any other accounts previously with Spotify which may have taken up a trial before or have used your card details?

No, I haven’t had premium before at all and my card is new so it’s not been used for an account before either.

Just to check, you mention that you have moved from Premium to Premium For Students as if so you’d be ineligible for a trial as they are for new customers only who’ve not purchased Premium at all, therefore you would be charged. 

i was charged before i moved plans

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