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Connecting Starbucks Partner #'s to Spotify

Connecting Starbucks Partner #'s to Spotify

I doubt that my question has been asked in the Spotify community already, but anyways, I have to ask this myself. I've been working at Starbucks for awhile now, but recently, I made a new Facebook account. My old Spotify and fb account are gone, so when I connected my new Facebook to my Spotify, my free premium subscription was gone. I tried entering in my partner numbers on the page where you get an upgrade to premium, but it said error. I'm so frustrated with this, and I think it's because it wouldn't let me enter in my partner numbers a second time...? Has anyone experienced this before and had this problem solved? I've already emailed them for help, and I will tweet them, but please answer this if you've had this problem before!

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Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for coming over!


As Starbucks is paying for your Premium subscription, get in touch with them as they might be able to issue a new code for you, or simply move the subscription from one account to the other.


Let us know if you have further questions 🙂


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