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Downgraded to free after monthly subscription payment

Downgraded to free after monthly subscription payment

Hello Spotify!


My account was suddenly downgraded to 'free' however my credit card was charge my monthly subscription fee. Please help! Need music in my life.

Thank you.

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Hey @paco_gancayco, welcome to the Community!


Try logging out and back in to see if it helps with seeing your Premium features. If not, check to see if your music is on the account you're logged into.


If not, you might have multiple accounts. You can follow the steps listed here to see if you have another account.


Let us know how it goes.

Same problem here and can't help even I logged out and logged in again. I do able to see my playlists. Is it because my previous payment info in Apple Store was removed and I provided another credit card after failed payment? (Apple charged me successfully for the Spotify monthly fee after I updated the payment info). 

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