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Family price increase

Family price increase

1 month ago I subscribed a family subscription and now Spotify increases its price.


Is there a way to contact the customer support service (provided there is one)? Or is this the only way to ask some information?

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Hey @lordthistle, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

As Spotify continues to innovate and invest in providing listeners with greater value than ever before, including the best audio content and user experience, Spotify occasionally updates their prices. Spotify may also adjust our prices to reflect local macroeconomic factors and meet market demands while offering unparalleled service.
Spotify's committed to delivering the best audio content around the world, and are always working to bring users more original and exclusive content, a highly personalized experience, and powerful discovery tools.
I hope this helps!
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I am sure Spotify goes for the best for the entire world, universe and -
it it is true, all the multiverse, but your answer seems more an ad than

Now, it is true I can suspend whenever I want, but - may be - I declined
other offers before subscribing to Spotify. So, possibly, a more elegant
way to increase prices would be to take into account when people

However, that's not the point: is there a customer support service like,
for example, on Amazon (and Amazon Music)?

I just noticed the price increase as well, I got an email 4 days ago saying they would be applying state sales tax to charges. It seems they were not collecting it before.

Correction needed to the answer above:
"Spotify's committed to delivering the best audio content around the world AT THE WORST AUDIO QUALITY (all other platforms offer significantly better sound)

I got a mail today, February 1, that they will increase the price from February 1. What kind of company is this? I have never in my life experienced a company that just increases their prices and demand new price on the very same day. I am very disappointed.

I am in Italy, where taxes are always included in the published
prices. And here the price increased as well.

In my case they say they are so kind to give one month at the old
price. Check, maybe they used the same kindness for you.

Can ask how much the price increased for you guys? Im seeing reports Spotify are considering a big price hike for family subscriptions in the UK from £15 to £20 per month or 33%!

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