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Google Home Mini Offer Canada - Ended?

Google Home Mini Offer Canada - Ended?










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Has the offer for the Google Home Mini ended? I didn't even know about it, didn't receive an email, or anything - and I've been a premium subscriber for a year now. The only links I can find to participate end in a 404 error.



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I'm getting this too! Hope I didn't miss this offer. They say we have until May 31st. Hoping someone has some info to share. 

Seems the offer has expired due to limited availability. 

Screenshot_20190419-105507_Firefox Focus.jpg

I saw that as well, it's unfortunate that Spotify couldn't keep their end date of the 31st. What erks me more however is that I didn't even know about the offer; I don't recall ever receiving an email or any sort of notice.


Regardless, I feel they should still honor this commitment, perhaps giving current premium subscribers a raincheck until Google Home Mini's become available again.

I agree completely. It would be okay if I received an email about this promo and they simply ran out, but I did not receive an email. Just found out about this too. I am opted in to receive push notifications from Spotify, but not emails. And I definitely did not receive a push notification about a free google mini.


Hi thanks for posting this! Could you share the link from where you got this message/screenshot ?

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