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Google home mini code

Google home mini code






(iPhone 😎



My Question or Issue

I signed up premium on April 11 around 12am, I am still waiting for the email to redeem, how long do i have to wait for

8 Replies

I signed up on April 10th and I'm still waiting for an email(and yes I've checked my junk mail).


Also when I click on link that says Get your google mini it brings me to a page that says:

"Thank you so much!
You've already successfully registered your interest in this offer."


With a link below asks to check availability. When I click on that it says:

"We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."


It's been saying that for two days, am I missing something here?

Same hereFA0181CD-47BC-4CC2-9903-61BED9E9F1F9.png

I saw this

Just got the email today, so seems to take about 2 days before you get it. As soon as I clicked on the link it brings me to the google store but all the google mini home we're sold out. I kept refreshing and more became available so I was able to get one.

Make sure all your info is already registered on your google account, that way you won't lose time on the purchase since they seem to go VERY quickly.

just got it, but it is out of stock for chalk one and the other one said coming soon

Keep refreshing, I just got mine. Wanted the charcoal one but figured I'd grab the challk while it's available.

yea, i put on auto refresh, just to grab charcoal one

How long are you wanting to wait for "coming soon" to actually be available?

it is still on the coming soon status but have been waiting for it for at least an hour

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