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How to know if I had premium before

How to know if I had premium before


First of all, sorry for my english i am doing my best.


I have a doubt, recently I received an email for a 60 days trial, but it says if i didn't have premium before, so I want to know if  I can apply  to that offer because I don't remember if I had, this is because I change my facebook account and don't remember if I use a 30 day trial on that or on this actual account. In fact, I don't remember if it was a 30 days trial or 7 days trial. Sorry but I can't remember.


Thank you.

5 Replies

Hey @jregram,


There's an easy way to keep an eye on your subscription and payments.

Just log in to your account page, and select Subscription in the menu on the left.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

But it only says that I am using free mode, but it doesn't says if I had premium service in the past. There´s a button that says: Free Premium Trial but in spanish.

Hey @jregram,


Select Receipts in the menu on the left. It will show you the payment history.



There is a ticket for $0 but it doesn't say for what

Hi @jregram,


I'm not sure what that $0 is. 

I recommend you to contact Customer Support via this contact form. If you get an automatic message, just reply to it with the same info. You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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