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I have a Premium Duo Plan - only one plan manager can listen to audiobooks

I have a Premium Duo Plan - only one plan manager can listen to audiobooks

Only one of the two plan managers can listen to audiobooks under the premium duo plan - how can I fix this issue?
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Right now, Audiobooks in Premium is available only on select plans and is limited to plan managers. Each Duo/Family subscription only has one plan manager, the rest are members.


This means if a user joined a Duo or Family plan as a member, they won’t have access to the free listening time, but this is something that will be explored in the future to allow Family and Duo users to have more flexibility from their audiobooks access 🙂


For more info, you can also visit the following Newsroom article:


Hope this clears things up!

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My first time here so I'm sorry if I'm posting this on the wrong forum. I am a plan manager for a premium account. Renewal payment was taken yesterday but my audiobook hours allowance of 15 hours has not updated. I have tried uninstall and still encountering the same problem. Any suggestions? 



To ensure that we can offer you the best help that we can, could you please create your own thread? Doing so is easy. Simply select the appropriate board here, and then select “Start a Topic.”

Thank you very much!

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I have just come across this issue of audiobooks being available to the plan manager only on a Premium Duo plan.

We are both keen book readers and it is very disappointing to learn that only ONE of us can listen to the books listed on the platform ... without incurring additional cost i suspect. 

It is a disappointing customer brand experience from the perspective of subscribing to a PREMIUM DUO product but only one subscriber can benefit from this particular resource available. 

As others mention, the suggested remedy to cancel subscriptions and re-sign up with different plan manager listed, whilst effective, is not what i would come to expect from a market leading professional platform such as Spotify.

I would ask Spotify to reconsider why audiobooks is only available to the plan manager (in my particular case, for a Premium Duo account) when both both of us subscribe to use the "Premium product" or at least explain the reasoning behind why this decision to limit plan access to audiobooks was taken ... I look forward to your feedback....



I agree with your sentiment. We're using a premium duo account, and it's
primarily my son who enjoys the audiobooks, so the lack of availability for
him is particularly disappointing.##- Please type your reply above this
line -##

Would the decision makers at Spotify care to respond to the subscribers concerns as detailed below. It would be good to hear that discussions have been ongoing and a decision to amend the audiobooks access is being considered. For a Premium product, it is good but there is definitely room for improvement in our opinion. I look forward to feedback from the Spotify forum moderators in the near future.

I agree with the above. Improve multi-user access for audio books on Spotify duo. If it’s marketed as a multi-user service, then all the users need to benefit from it! Also, it shouldn’t take a year to implement this. 

Hey @MilkaS


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That's a really cool idea that you've shared with us and it is similar to an Idea that another user has submitted to our ideas board. 

Ideas are the way we gauge the Community to see what our user base is looking for and what could be implemented into Spotify. Once an idea gains a traction with other users backing it, we can forward it internally to be looked into and developed, should the teams in charge like the idea proposed. 


Go and give this one an "Up Vote" if you like it, you can also post an idea of your own through here.



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Hi MartinT


Thank you for your feedback. I have followed your recommendation and posted my idea. It is time Spotify listened to its subscribers - if they are selling this as a PREMIUM DUO product then provide it as a DUO service... the clue is in the title when you think about it - both users should have access to the plan products not just the plan manager. Doesn't' quite live up to the Premium DUO title.

Not offering audiobooks to both members is ridiculous. I feel like I’ve been misled as to what my Duo plan offers. I will be reporting to the regulator for misselling. 

Totally absurd Spotify won't honor this for both members. When you look at your account under Account Management, it even SAYS "2 Premium Accounts” as included in the pricing. This is intentionally misleading by Spotify. Wish I could say I'm surprised. 

Let's hope the decision makers are listening and will re-consider their position. Unhappy customers are not a good ambassador for the brand and will not encourage new subscribers to sign up 

Ridiculous. And feel misled. Needs to be changed asap. - if you want Spotify to listen and make changes please help us all by following this link and clicking on the " vote for" icon and if it receives sufficient momentum then the decision makers understand the swell of subscriber feeling and might be inspired to make changes. 

  1. Shameful. 

Yes this is ridiculous. My partner and I split all expenses 50/50, including our Premium Duo account. And he gets free audiobooks and I don't?

I hope this gets resolved soon! Audiobook access is my favorite feature Spotify has released in years, and creating an account w my partner was a perk until they weren’t able to use it! It’d be great to be able to listen to audiobooks together! 

I’ve just signed up to duo and discovered this thread. I’m not the account manager but I’m the one that listens to audiobooks. I did receive a message to say that I’d lose access to 15hours of audiobooks but in my head I thought that meant instead of 30hours of audiobooks it would be reduced down to 15hours between us. Surely that’s the simplest solution that the 15 hours is just split across the 2 accounts. This is a simple fix that shouldn’t take long to implement.

This sucks. I expanded to Duo largely to get my wife this access. So we are paying for this out of the household budget and only one of us gets to wear the crown. It leaves a bad taste with us. 

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