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I'm on Spotify Free but was charged $11.99 on 25 March - how do I get a refund?

I'm on Spotify Free but was charged $11.99 on 25 March - how do I get a refund?






Surface Pro 4/Google Pixel3

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Windows10, android


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I would like a refund for an incorrect payment which I didn't subscribe for. My account also shows that I am on Spotify free....


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Hi! If you just signed on as a free member then chances are this is just a hold from Spotify to make sure you have the funds. Give it a couple days before you report this to Spotify as incorrect. 


Otherwise, if you've had it for the promotional time then chances are your trial is no longer free, but I'm sure it's just a bank hold. 


Hope that solved your problem 🙂 

Hi there,
I have had spotify free for some time now. I did not complete or start
anything different. I did wait a while (almost a month) to see if this
reverses but nothing happened.
So please let me know what happens next.

I suggest looking back to see when you started your membership. It's likely
that the free trial is up. I believe the free trial for Spotify is only 2
weeks to use the premium features so I believe that's why you got charged.

If what you are saying is correct, then why does my subscription still show
as Spotify Free?
[image: image.png]
It has been more than 2 weeks since I was using Spotify Free.
Can I please get a refund?

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