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Isn't Premium ad-free?

Isn't Premium ad-free?






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I'm paying for a service that's supposedly ad-free. Today I got a 30 second non-skipable commercial when trying to play the following playlist:

This is not acceptable. What's going on?


Not sure if posting here is the appropriate thing to do, so my apologies for that. If anyone got a suggestion where to direct this issue, please let me know.

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Hey @hrlm, and welcome to the community.

Hope you're doing great! 


You are always welcome to post here, and I'll be happy to help. Can you login to your account ( and tell me if your subscription status shows as 'Free' or 'Premium'? Also, could you try logging out/in of your account to see if that helps?

Let me know how this goes 🙂

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Hey, thanks for your reply.

I've had a premium subscription since 2011.

Not sure how logging in and/or out would solve anything, as this was (so far anyways) a one-time incident.

Update: i now see that the commercial has appeared as a "song" at the top of the playlist. It for sure wasnt a playable "option" earlier today. Guess something bugged out?

Hey @hrlm.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It's possible something went wrong. Because Premium users should never hear an ad.


However what can sometimes happen, is that a subscription stops for a variety of reasons for which the solution is to simply resubscribe.


It's also possible that a user logs into the wrong account that happens to be a Free account. It's very easy to create a Spotify account so it can happen that a user has more than one account (they do not know about). In this case you can use this article to find any accounts you might have.


Hope this sheds some light on the issue. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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