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Subscription problems.

Subscription problems.



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 I wish to cancel my "Premium" subscription but when I go into my account, it says I'm on "Free" and to subscribe to "Premium"...I'm being charged £9.99 a month, which can be verified by my credit card company, so why is account not showing this? So frustrated at this, I need to cancel as I can no longer afford it but can't cancel because I'm being told I don't have it!!!

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Hey @kittenwings4901 🙂


Can you try the steps described in this link. And give an update if you still have trouble ? Have a nice day 🙂

Unfortunately it doesn't help....For some reason my account isn't registering that I have a "Premium" subscription but the fee is being taken every month and I've no way of canceling because of that...If I can't get anywhere, I'll have to seek legal advice as money is now being taken without my permission.

Thanks for your reply...

Hey @kittenwings4901.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It sounds like you might have another account. One that's on Premium and one that's on Free. Take a look at this page which will help you to find any additional accounts you might have. Once you find your Premium account, you can cancel the subscription. If you'd like to close one of the accounts, look here for instructions.


Should work! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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